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All American Burger


1/2 pound char-grilled ground round burger.

Meat Temp:Rare Med Rare Medium Med Well Well
Burger $Toppings:$American +$0.99$Bacon +$1.49$House Smoked Bacon +$2$Cheddar +$0.99$Mozzarella +$0.99$Pepperoni +$0.99$Swiss +$0.99$Meat Hot +$0.99Crumbly Bleu Cheese +$0.99$Jalapeno +$0.99$Onion +$0.99$Peppers +$0.99$Mushromm
Sandy'wich Sides:$Sub Cup Soup of Day +$1.99$Sub Cup French Onion +$1.99$ Bowl Soup +$2.99$Bowl French Onion +$2.99$Sub Mac 'n Cheese +$1.99$Sub Side Salad +$1.99$Sweet Potato Waffle Fries +$1.99Fries Mac Salad No Sides Onion Rings Tater Tots Vegetable of Day Rice Side Slaw
All American Options:No Bun No Lettuce No Onion No Pickle No Set No Tomato