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House Salad


Tomatoes, olives, onion, and crouton w/choice of dressing

House Salad Options:No Bermuda Onions No Crouton No Onion No Tomato No Olive $Add Chicken +$4.99
Dressing Choices:1000 Island Avacado Ranch Balsamic Bleu Cheese Gorgonzola Vinaigrette Honey Lime Honey Mustard Italian Ranch
$ MODS:$1000 Island +$0.50$American +$0.75$Bacon +$1.49$Banana Pepper +$0.99$Cajun +$0.50$Cheddar +$0.99$Chicken +$2.99$Cup Soup +$1.99$Extra Bleu Cheese +$0.99$Extra Cheese +$0.99$Extra Dressing +$0.50$Extra Sauce +$0.50$Feta +$0.99$Grilled +$1$Italian Sausage +$2.99$Jalapeno +$0.99$Mac 'n Cheese +$1.99$Meat Hot +$0.99$Meatballs +$2.99$Mozzarella +$0.99$Mushroom +$0.99$Olives +$0.99$Onion +$0.99$Pepperoni +$0.99$Peppers +$0.99$Pulled Pork +$2.99$Ranch +$0.50$Sausage +$3.99$Side Salad +$1.99$Spinach +$0.99$Steak +$2.99$Swiss +$0.99$Tomato +$0.99