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Majb 34 11 days ago

Honey Lime Grilled Steak Salad

I absolutely love the honey lime grilled steak salad. Its always prepared just right and seasoned to perfection. I use very little dressing because I didn't want to over power the flavoring. My very dish beside the wings.

Guest about 2 months ago

Rochester Wings

Thanks for the birthday wings..our server was great!

Odiemaychubb 2 months ago

Rochester Wings

Thanks for the Brithday wings! We didn't eat my age of wings this year. Miss Shannon was a awesome server. Thanks again. Odie May.

Erinmh1104 2 months ago

Artichoke French

I was pleasantly suprised with how good the artichoke french is here. Large portion and the sauce is very tasty :)

Frogstitch63 6 months ago

Chicken Amber

Huge! And delicious. This last time I went to MicGinny's, I decided to be adventurous and not get the same things I usually do. I tried the Chicken Amber and it was delicious. The portion was very large, jam packed with lots of chicken, lots of artichokes, just enough mushrooms, and lots of flavor. I had mine with penne, definitely a good choice. I have to admit, I ate less then half and took the rest home! I also had a margarita, though, and coffee, AND a side order of home made chips that I shared; couldn't go home without eating a few of those.

Barreiro1992 7 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

We were a party of 12 and we were celebrating our quints birthday. We had chicken wings (country sweet, Guinness gold, hot) that were delicious. Pizza (pepperoni, meat lovers) was also tasty. Bacon cheeseburger, fries, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, clam chowder, french onion soup and fried fish, all great. Looking forward to next time...

Brandon 13 days ago

100 Chicken Wings

MICGINNY'S is a very uniquely comfortable atmosphere offering a wide variety of dishes that are all absolutely delicious to the naked eye. I look forward to chomping down the birthday wings next time. I would recommend coming here if you haven't for the first time and check this place out, it's awesome here!

Arianebilodeau about 2 months ago

Corned Beef 'n Swiss

OMG, best Rueben I've ever had !

Lobrutto Anthony 2 months ago

MicGinny's Club Wrap

Great food and great service.

Gingersflowers 4 months ago

Rochester Wings

We enjoyed 58 birthday wings - half mild, half Guinness gold. The mild sauce is very mild, so next time we will order medium heat; the Guinness gold was a great mixture of sauces, not too hot, not too "barbeque-y". We will definitely get that sauce again. Onion rings were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside - great! Only complaint - the service can be slow for initial contact and refills. This was our first visit but we will be back for sure.

Melissa 7 months ago

100 Chicken Wings

I had my daughter bridal party eat here after the rehersal dinner and the food was awesome as well as the service. We all enjoyed ourselves.